Monday, September 10, 2012

Brilliant Wish - Chopard

I smelt Brilliant Wish on paper weeks before and found it to be a synthetic, brash, and gaudy version of Angel by Thierry Mugler (my uncle's HG). Gorgeous bottle, disappointing scent.

I chucked the tester in my purse and forgot about it until I found it again in my wallet days later. I swear it didn’t even smell like the same perfume... This was more pleasant, more angel-like. Could it be that I never gave it enough time to develop? This scent may have mixed up with the other testers in my wallet, but for a moment, it made a blind-buy of Brilliant Wish seem like okay idea. Logic Win…!
After all, it was released in 2008, and flankers could be more successful and nose worthy - right?
... Right? :p

Fast forward 2 weeks later, and I received my bottle of Brilliant Wish in the mail. I was over the moon! Running back to my apartment, I ripped the plastic off the box, pulled the beautiful diamond-shaped bottle out, uncapped the perfume, and spritzed it on my arm like a junkie hungry for a fix-

only instead of the comfort and joy that was anticipated,
I was slapped senseless with whop of bitter citrus.

This unexpected harshness initially annoyed me a little; looking at the bottle in my hand, I was slowly overcome with disappointment, ala the dismayed Asian parent woefully confused about their child's scholastic B-average. You should never judge a book by its cover, but quite honestly, the beauty of the bottle brought about high expectations.

Why wasn't this gold colored liquid more classy and pleasant?
Why aren't you more like lady million (my guilty pleasure. :p Review on that coming up soonish).
Why aren’t you more perfect, like your broth– errrrr – like that other perfume…!?

The scent of this one reminded me of long rides in the confines of a car fumigated by 3 pine/lemon air fresheners hanging by the air-conditioner. I never understood why we had that much car freshener then.With or without the freshener, the car didn't smell, and none of us stank. I entertained the thought that the fresheners were purchased in bulk; that maybe there was a prize at the bottom of the box (a mini air freshener! *glee*), or a golden ticket of some sort. One thing I knew for sure, was that it was nauseating. Can you say death by freshener?

Thankfully, Brilliant Wish mellowed to a warm saccharine amber - the sort of grown up sweetness locked behind the diabetic chambers of Willy Wonka lawsuits that never came to be.

I honestly didn’t like it, but had to run a few errands so I left it on...
only to grow accustomed to the scent 15 minutes after that nasty first spritz.

As I type this entry, it nuzzles up against my skin like a well-behaved pup.
It seems that Chopard has turned the 180 again.

Final thoughts and rating:
Though it lacks the bearing of a signature fragrance, it seems pleasant enough to warrant a 6/10
(whereas i would have given it a 3 on my initial spritz).

It's possibly more of a cold weather fragrance. I can imagine this getting too heady during summer -_-

Have you tried Brilliant Wish or any of Chopard's other fragrances before?

Xo batterlash

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